at Williams Elementary

Beginning in Romans chapter 9 we began an important journey on the road to learn about God’s Sovereign (absolute, supreme, or ultimate) Choice for creation.  We are reminded that God’s promises are good and true and forever. God rewards faith and not simply the works of his people.  
Chapter 10 cements this idea by shouting the Good News that if we confess with our mouth and believe in our hearts that Jesus is Lord and that God raised him from the dead God’s Sovereign choice is for all who will believe in faith.
Last week we began to cover chapter 11.  We discovered that faith is a gift. In fact, faith is a free gift given by God.
This week we are confronted with the truth that God is unchanging and that there is Kindness for those of faith and Severity for those who would deny their faith.

Vision: The Church External Sep 22nd, 2019

JT Patton

God has given us a mission. A mission to glorify him and advance the gospel. It may not be a simple mission to live out, but it is not complicated. It’s a mission to love God, love others, and go make disciples. Sometimes it’s the simplest commands that are the hardest to live out every day.

The Church Internal Sep 15th, 2019

JT Patton

God has called us all to be an active member of his body the church. To equip each other, lift each other up, and use our gifts, talents, resources, time, and money to become more than we ever could be without each other. In essence, to advance the gospel in our church amongst each other.

God's Mission for the Church Sep 8th, 2019

JT Patton

At Freshwater we say we exist to glorify God and advance the gospel, but what does that really mean? It means worshipping, making much of, and spreading the fame of the one who is the perfect representation of that glory, Jesus Christ. God created us to display his glory, and our salvation, redemption and transformation into Christ's image is God's primary way of displaying that glory to the world.