at Williams Elementary

All by Thyself Jul 28th, 2019

Denver Tindell

Discipleship within Community Jul 21st, 2019

Brandon Lansdown

Matthew 25: The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats Jun 9th, 2019

Denny Reeves

In Matthew 25 we find Jesus painting 2 portraits. The first portrait is of what a person's life should look like here on Earth. The second portrait is of the afterlife when we are before our creator and judge. Pastor Denny walks us through both portraits to help us understand the Gospel of Christ in a deep and meaningful way today for eternity.

2019 Vision Jan 6th, 2019

JT Patton

Jesus often talks to us in a very clear, blunt and challenging way in the Gospels. He doesn’t hold back what it means to be a disciple, and what it looks like for a disciple to live out their faith. Sometimes we need to step back and ask, does my faith, do my relationships, and does my church reflect what I see in the NT? Jesus is calling us into the depths of his love, are we willing to let go of ourselves and follow him?

God's Faithfulness in 2018 Dec 30th, 2018

JT Patton

The mission God has given FreshwaterSGF is to Glorify Him (exalt and honor God) and to Advance the Gospel (the truth of Jesus).
Join with us in this podcast episode as we celebrate what God is doing at and through FreshwaterSGF!
1 Thessalonians 2:8

There is a Purpose for the Fire Oct 21st, 2018

John Stroup

There is Purpose for the Fire: Pastor John Stroup encourages us that trials are meant for our good. Join us as Pastor John teaches from 1 Peter 1:6 -7.
Pastor John Stroup is the co-founder of Freeway Ministries, based in Springfield, MO. John is a faithful husband and father, a passionate preacher, and is always sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Pastor John recently wrote the book "From the Pit to the Pulpit" which can be found at your favorite bookstore. To find out more about Pastor John visit:

It's Not About You Apr 23rd, 2017

Denny Reeves

Glorify God. Advance the Gospel. Sep 13th, 2015

JT Patton

June 2015 Mexico Recap Jun 7th, 2015

Jessica Behrends, David Anderson, Ethan Trokey, JT Patton, Danyel Anderson, and Laura Maldonado

Christ, Our Life and Joy May 31st, 2015

Aaron Taylor