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When Truth Unravels Oct 14th, 2018

JT Patton

Romans has been showing us what happens with we reject God and pursue sin. Our hearts and minds fall further and further from God we begin to reject the truth about God, ourselves and his creation. This weeks passage helps us see just how far that depravity can go if God finally releases us to pursue the sin we have chosen over him.

Without Excuse Oct 7th, 2018

JT Patton

We are all worshipers. We are all built to give glory. Yet, so often we give our worship to things other than God and it leads to all kinds of devastating effects. Before diving into specific ways this plays out, Paul shows us just how damaging and dangerous replacing the rightful worship of the God of the bible can be to our hearts and minds.

Paul sets out his goal, to preach the Gospel Sep 30th, 2018

JT Patton

Paul really shows us his love for the people in the Roman church in his introduction to the letter. He longs to share in fellowship with them, to encourage them and to be encouraged by them. By verse 15 though, it begins to become clear that the thing he longs to share with them more than anything else is Jesus. To encourage them with the depths of the gospel and the power of God.

The Missionary Journey and Teaching of Paul Sep 23rd, 2018

JT Patton

The letter of Romans was written to a real church, full of real people. Understanding what was going on in their context and the things that Paul was specifically addressing helps get a deeper understanding of what he was trying to communicate. But the beautiful thing about God’s word, and specifically Romans, is that although it was written to a specific church and people, the truths found there are just as powerful and relevant today as they were 2000 years ago.

*Bonus Content: Watch this amazing video on Romans to get a great overview of this letter

God's Call on Paul's Life Sep 16th, 2018

JT Patton

This week we began our series in Romans, but before really diving into the book we wanted to have a deeper understanding of it’s author, Paul. This letter written to the Christians in Rome gives us deep insights into not only God, his character, and Christ, but into the Jewish man that wrote it.