at Freeway Ministries

Without Excuse

We are all worshipers. We are all built to give glory. Yet, so often we give our worship to things other than God and it leads to all kinds of devastating effects. Before diving into specific ways this plays out, Paul shows us just how damaging and dangerous replacing the rightful worship of the God of the bible can be to our hearts and minds.


Read Romans 1:18-23


  1. Paul said that sin (unrighteousness) leads to us suppressing the truth of God. Can you see some ways that our culture, or even our churches, over time have suppressed (held captive) the truth? What are the effects of this?


  1. If all the heavens and the earth declares God’s glory and every person on the planet knows this in their heart, then why do so many people reject it?


  1. We don’t worship idols of carved men and birds now, but we still worship the same things they dedicated to their false gods. In what ways are we similar, and in what ways are you and idol worshiper?


  1. How do you think you can fight against suppressing the truth and give God the glory that he deserves?