at Freeway Ministries

While We Were Sinners

Romans 5:6-11

1. What does Romans 5 mean when it says “while we were still weak?” What is this weakness?

2. Jesus heals people with disabilities and sickness and then restores them to wholeness. How does this reflect the healing he does for us in our weakness? How does that play out in our lives?

2. Do you think you would be willing to die for someone you heard was a righteous person? What about for someone that you personally know is a very good person? Why was it then, and why is it now such a radical idea that Christ would die for sinners and enemies?

3. It says in verse 9 we have been saved and will be saved from God’s wrath. What does it mean that we have been saved and will be saved?

4. Christ died for us while we were his enemies, how does the fact that he has and will save us give us hope? How do you live in that hope every day?