at Williams Elementary


Philippians 1:1a
Mark 10:42-45
Philippians 2:5-11
Romans 6:16-23
1. Take some time with each passage, and talk about what stuck out to you, and themes that run through them all.
2. There are two words for servant in the greek. Diakonos meaning to minister to someone in service, and Doulos meaning to be a slave. Why is the distinction between these so important, particularly when looking at how Paul introduces the letter and how Jesus is described in Philippians 2:7?
3. We are going to be a slave (a worshipper) of something. Talk about the differences between the two types of slaves in Romans 6, and talk about the relevance in your own life?
4. Would you say your life reflects that you are a servant (doulos) of Christ? In what ways yes and in what ways no?
5. If you want to grow as a “servant” of Christ, how is the gospel truly the answer, and not you simply trying really hard to do more things that a servant would do?


Please take a moment to remember missionaries here and abroad as they share the Good News of Jesus with a world that desperately needs to hear it.