at Springfield Dream Center


In Obadiah we talked about God’s judgement on Edom and the nations, specifically focusing on how that judgement affects how we interact with other people as Christians (both personally and out of concern for the lost).

Read back through the Book of Obadiah and answer the following questions:

1. Share your thoughts on God’s judgement before we began the prophets series. How has that changed since we have been preaching and teaching through the prophets.

2. In the sermon we talked about how we are called to discern the truth, to speak the truth in love, and be the light in the darkness. In what specific areas does the culture/world system try to get you compromise rather than discern, to cover your light rather than let it shine in the darkness?

3. We talked about how God pronounced judgement on Edom on the Israelites behalf, and He did not invite them to participate. In what ways does your personality and life circumstance combine to produce a spirit of condemnation toward others, instead of leaving that judgement up to God?

4. Our closing call was toward evangelism and living in light of God’s judgement and the reality of hell, even if we ourselves as Christians don’t have to fear it, because others we (should) care about do. In the past what specific areas have you struggled with in evangelism? Be specific and record (either by phone or by hand) what those questions and struggles are so you can be intentional about getting specific answers at the upcoming evangelism training.

5. During prayer time, pray specifically for people you know who don’t know the Lord.