at Williams Elementary School Gym

Jeremiah, Pt. 1

Read Jeremiah chapter 1

God calls Jeremiah to a difficult task – to share the truth of His words with a people who have no interest in listening, and will soon be destroyed because of their hard hearts. Yet, Jeremiah was faithful. Through the highs and lows Jeremiah pursued the mission that God gave him, to uproot and replant. A call God has given to us.

1. In verse 10 it says Jeremiah’s call is to uproot and replant, to destroy and build. What do you think this meant in his context?

2. We said as disciples of Christ we have a similar mission to Jeremiah’s. What does that mean? How can and should that play out in our context?

3. Where do you think God is calling you to uproot, to destroy? Where do you think you could/should be actively tearing down the enemies strongholds (family/friends/work/TWN)?

4. Where do you think God is calling you to build and plant, or to help bring from death to life? How could that start happening in your life right now?

5. Before prayer requests, take time to pray that God would give you opportunities to accomplish the things you said or thought about in questions 3 and 4.