at Freeway Ministries

It Will Be Counted to Us

Read Romans 4:13-25


Abraham is the father of our faith. Not only because God created His chosen people through Abraham’s line, but because he showed us what faith really looks like. Abraham had faith that God would do exactly what he promised, even if it seemed impossible.  That faith has been an example for more than 4000 years, but more importantly, it showed us that it was always through God’s grace by faith that God counts us as righteous before him.


  1. The passage says Abraham had hope (faith) against hope (the impossible could happen). What did Abraham have hope in, and what did he believe that God would do against hope?


  1. We said that Abraham’s life and faith show us that God brings dead things to life. How does Abraham’s story show us that truth?


  1. How do the truths found in question 2 point forward or foreshadow the time of the coming of Christ?


  1. Through Christ, God brings dead things to life. What does that truth mean to you, and how do you think it can give you hope and assurance when life or faith gets difficult?