at Springfield Dream Center

Holiness is Freedom

God is holy. He is holy, holy, holy.  In scripture it seems to be the defining attribute of God. That God IS holy. What does that mean?  What does it tell us about God and what does it tell us about ourselves?
Read Isaiah 6:1-5
1. The angels cried out that God is holy, holy, holy. What does it mean that God is holy and why is it significant that they cried out holy three times?
2. We said that God’s holiness is violent. Not not only can it be violent towards us, but that mankind can be violent towards God’s holiness. What do we mean by that? How does that play out in scripture and in our lives?
3. Read Luke 5:8. One minute Peter is asking Jesus to depart from him, the next he is leaves everything to follow him with his whole life. Discuss Peter’s different reactions and how Christ’s holiness played into this.
4. Do you ever feel like Peter?  Do you ever have times when your sin makes you want to flee from God, or for God to just leave you alone?  If so, how does that play out for you?
5. On the flip side of question 4, do you ever feel the joy of God’s holy presence calling you to  something better, something more?  If yes, explain.