at Freeway Ministries

Romans 9:1-5

Read Romans 9:1-5
What if we loved like Christ? What if we loved in a way that didn’t always make sense, but always reflected God’s love for us?  Paul is about to lay out some hard truths for his Jewish brethren, and in many ways for us in Chapter 9. That when we place our own assumptions on God it can not only go badly for us, but we can even miss out on salvation altogether. But before he does he makes sure to let us know his deep love for the lost, his understanding for our imperfections, and God’s great love for us in Jesus Christ.
1. Paul shows amazing love and anguish for his Jewish brothers and sisters. Why is this so astounding?
2. Who in your life is hard to love, and how do you think you could more reflect the love of Christ, and the love of Paul in your relationship with them?
3. If you placed yourself in the shoes of a 1st century Jew, why do you think it might be hard to understand the great emphasis Paul seems to be placing on the gentiles?   How do the things listed in verse 4 relate to this?
4. The Jews assumed God would do things one way, but he did them another so many of them missed their Messiah. What assumptions do you think you might place on God? How do you think it might affect your life and faith at times?
5. Do you ever place assumptions on others? How would following Paul’s example help you to stop assuming and begin engaging in unity and reconciliation?