at Freeway Ministries

Membership Class

Membership class is coming up! If you’re at all interested in becoming a member at Freshwater Church, then you need to make a point to attend our two part membership class. It’s a time for anybody who is interested in Freshwater to learn about what we believe and to ask any questions they might have about what Freshwater is and how we operate.

Membership class is also open to anyone and everyone, even if you’re not sure if your interested in becoming a member; there is no expectation on anyone who attends to become a member if they’re not ready. It’s a time intended to lay our cards out on the table and equip people with information about the church. For all those who are interested in becoming members, this class is required before they can join.

We’ll be having classes at the Freshwater House (2067 N Hoffman Ave) on February 16th and 23rd at 12 pm. If you have any questions or are planning on attending, you can ask or get signed up with the form below so we can have a solid idea of how many people to expect.

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