at Williams Elementary

Discipleship Bible Path

Walk the Path – “What is God saying?”


Pray: Before ever engaging the word spend time asking God to speak to your heart and mind


  1. Know the Author and Audience
    • Who wrote the book and who was it written to?
    • What is the author’s relationship to the audience?
    • What’s going on historically and culturally?
    • What are the differences between me and the audience?


  1. Explore the Passage and Discover the Truth
    • What type of literature is this and does it affect my understanding of the passage?
    • Is there an overall theme or point to the book?
    • Read the passage and look for the details
    • Explore what came before and after the text
    • What is God trying to tell us – Do NOT create your own meaning
    • How does this align with the rest of scripture
    • How does it apply to the biblical audience and to Christians today?


  1. Walking in Faith
    • What does this passage say about God?
    • What does it say about Christ or his character?
    • What promises are being made?
    • What examples are we given to follow
    • What is it saying about our mission to love and make disciples?


  1. Applying to My Life
    • Where does my life fail to reflect the examples in the passage?
    • Where to I need to confess and repent?
    • Where do I need to more fully trust the promises being made?
    • What encouragement did I find?
    • What am I being called to do?

Moving Forward: What are one or two takeaways that you would like to start applying to your life this week?