at Freeway Ministries

Trunk or Treat

The Tom Watkins Neighborhood Trunk or Treat event is coming up this month! If you’re part of a Lifegroup, you should already have a lot of the details for the event (and be planning an amazing theme for your trunk 🙂). But if you’re not part of a Lifegroup, you can definitely still help out!

Trunk or Treat is October 26th at Tom Watkins Park starting at 4:00 pm and going to around 7:00 pm. We will be serving cookies and drinks, playing games, and have music for everyone.  Lifegroups will be doing trunks decorated with tons of themes and have candy and games for kids (particularly ages 1yr to 5th grade) so they can come out and do their trick-or-treating in a safe, fun environment.

Don’t forget about the Trunk Decorating Contest!  Each trunk regardless if it was designed/put together by a Lifegroup will be entered into the 2nd Annual FreshwaterSGF Trunk or Treat “Best Decorated Trunk Contest”

What we still need is for people to show up and hang out! Get dressed up if you’re feeling it and come help us engage with the people in Tom Watkins and continue building relationships with them. We need everyone out there that we can get. Click below to let us know how you’d like to participate

Click Here to let us know how you’d like to participate.