at Freeway Ministries

Live Stream Instructions

Church this Sunday we will worship together through live streaming. I strongly encourage you to join us! This will be the way for us to “gather” in the coming weeks to worship our Lord and King. Make it a priority because in the end our God is worthy of worship, and whether doing that in a building, or through technology, our God will be praised! 
This is how you can join us:

1. First go to (don’t forget the sgf at the end.)

2. Click on the red “subscribe” button. This will make it easy to access and might even give you a notification when it starts. You may have to sign in with a youtube or gmail account to subscribe.

3. Whether you subscribe or not, on Sunday you can follow the youtube link. Once we go live you should see the video under our channel banner with a little red dot showing we are live. Simply click on it, and you should be on the live feed!  If you are unfamiliar with youtube, you may play around with it a little before Sunday. 

Keep in mind we are throwing this together quickly. It won’t look or sound perfect, and we might have some hiccups along the way, but we are fully willing to sacrifice perfection for the sake of being together this Sunday!

Church, worship isn’t about a place. It is about people coming together to worship our God and King.  In person, or through technology, let’s gather this Sunday to worship the one who not only saved us by his mercy, but made us his beloved children!