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HisKids Family Questions

Ruth and Boaz:  The book of Ruth

Christ Connection:  Boaz was a family redeemer.  Boaz cared for Ruth and Naomi because their husbands had died. In a similar way, Jesus is our Redeemer. Jesus bought our salvation for us by taking our punishment when He died on the cross.

Big Concepts:

  • Once again we saw that God uses the weaknesses of His people to reveal His true strength.  In Ruth, a Moabite woman who lived during the period of the judges, where we see how God loves and cares for the humble, the needy, and the lonely.  We will see that God wants to make His matchless love known to Ruth and her family. And God continues to want to make His redeeming love known to every tribe, language, and nation.  No matter how hopeless and desperate the situation may be, the Lord’s redeeming love is ever-present and stronger still.

Family Starter Questions:

  • What is repentance?  Repentance is turning away from sin and turning to Jesus.
  • What does it mean to “redeem”?  Who is our redeemer?


  • Why do you think Ruth decided to stay with Naomi?
  • What are ways that God provides for us?
  • Who is our Redeemer who bought our salvation?


  • Who was Ruth and Boaz’s great grandson?
  • Why is King David’s family so important?
  • What does the story of Ruth teach us about God’s love and provision in the midst of sorrow and pain?
  • In what ways can we love one another in the ways God loves us?