at Freeway Ministries

No Condemnation

Romans 8:1-4

Romans 8:1 is really the summation/culmination of the first 7 chapters of Romans, so go back and look at it. In my sermon I’m going to walk through some of the biggest points Romans has made through each chapter.

Discuss the defining gospel statement in the first half of Romans 1 (Romans 1:16-17). Then depravity at the end of Romans 1 and God’s wrath and judgement for it. The self-righteousness of Romans 2. The hopelessness of the first half of Romans 3. The glory and hope of Romans 3:21-26. The faith of Romans 4. The insanity of God’s love, even for his enemies, in chapter 5. Our union with Christ in chapter 6. The battle against sin and for holiness through the life of Paul in chapter 7.

Take some time and really let Romans sink into your hearts, as Romans 8:1 becomes apart of you do you see how it might change you?  How does the truth of Romans 8:1-4 help us to share Jesus with those around us?