at Freeway Ministries

2019 Vision

Read Luke 14:12-27
Jesus often talks to us in a very clear, blunt and challenging way in the Gospels. He doesn’t hold back what it means to be a disciple, and what it looks life for a disciple to live out their faith. Sometimes we need to step back and ask, does my faith, do my relationships, and does my church reflect what I see in the NT? Jesus is calling us into the depths of his love, are we willing to let go of ourselves and follow him?
1. In verses, 12-24 Jesus is really trying to make a point to these “religious people”. What do you think it was, and why do you think he is saying it to them?
2. In verses, 18-20 Jesus lays out the excuses they gave for not coming to the banquet (the banquet being a metaphor for the Kingdom of God coming in Christ). What were the excuses they gave, and how do those relate directly to our lives? Do you think you might do the same, at least at times?
3. In verse 25-27 Jesus describes what it really looks like to be a disciple. What is he really saying here (if you need a little extra help turn to Matthew 10:34-39)? How does this challenge you?
4. Going into 2019, God has given us multiple opportunities to go deeper into the mission of our church to reach the north side (Evangelistic Discipleship). Do you think he might be asking you to go deeper? If so, what do you think that looks like? If not, why do you say that?